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dual credit Courses at SBU

If you are in your last two years of high school and want to get started on college academics, you can do so through dual credit courses offered either in a traditional dual credit format at a high school near you or through online dual credit in an independent, web-based format.

Whichever format you choose, dual credit allows you to:

  • Earn high school and college credits simultaneously at a lower cost
  • Explore your interests before starting college
  • Challenge yourself with more advanced coursework
  • Learn from highly qualified educators (all instructors have same level of qualifications required of SBU adjunct faculty, and sometimes SBU faculty also will teach dual credit courses)

To pursue dual credit, you must meet certain qualifications, including at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale), recommendation by your high school counselor or principal, and any requirements for specific courses.

If you have questions about dual credit eligibility, contact David Marsch, director of dual credit, at (417) 328-1599 or

Scholarship opportunity

If you earn six or more hours of college dual credit through SBU, you may be eligible to receive a scholarship to SBU for your undergraduate studies. Download the scholarship announcement to learn about eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Requirements

Seated dual credit courses

Seated dual-credit courses are available at certain high school campuses and have been determined to meet the requirements of the equivalent class offered at SBU. Visit your high school counselor to learn about available dual credit courses at your high school.

For more information about seated dual credit courses, eligibility, requirements, payments and more, review the SBU Dual Credit Handbook. The Handbook also includes the Application for Admission and instructions about how to apply. To view the Handbook, download the PDF from your browser and open it in Acrobat Reader.

If you have questions regarding applications, payments or dropping a class, or any other questions, please contact David Marsch, director of dual credit, at (417) 328-1599 or

Dual Credit Handbook

Seated Dual Credit Application

online dual credit courses

Online dual credit is ideal if you want to study college-level academics but seated dual credit courses are not offered at a school near you, or if you desire an independent course format. SBU online dual credit courses are:

  • Taught by current SBU professors
  • Delivered entirely online, so you can do coursework independently and at your own pace
  • Flexible, because you can study anytime, anywhere you have Internet access
  • Personalized by consistent contact with your professor throughout the course
  • Great option for homeschool students seeking advanced course opportunities

To learn more about online dual credit, contact David Marsch at (417) 328-1599 or

online dual credit application and enrollment

To apply for online dual credit, please fill out and return the online dual credit application form to your school's dual credit coordinator or counselor by the deadline set by your school. A $100 deposit is required with your application (the deposit will go toward the course tuition).

Fall classes begin August 24, 2020 and must be finished by December 11, 2020. You can enroll for fall semester courses until September 1, 2020. (enrollments must be received by this date).

Online Dual Credit Application

online Education Information and Resources

Course transfer equivalencies

If you have taken general education dual credit courses at other regionally accredited institutions, those credits can transfer to Southwest Baptist University. SBU does not guarantee that non-general education courses will be accepted, but those courses can be reviewed on an individual basis by the area involved. Use our Course Transfer Equivalency Guide to determine if and how a course from another institution will transfer to SBU.