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Computer Science Education

Computer Science Education Major

As technology increasingly shapes our world and our society, it is imperative that schools have highly qualified teachers prepared to equip their students with necessary computer skills.

When you study computer science education at SBU, you will take courses in computer science and web design, while also receiving a thorough training in methods of teaching, educational psychology and classroom field experiences. When you graduate you will be completely prepared to take and pass certification tests for any state looking for computer science secondary teachers.

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The SBU Advantage

  • Learn from highly qualified faculty in both the Department of Computer and Information Science and the Department of Education.
  • SBU CIS graduates have achieved 100% job placement within six months of graduation 9 out of the last 10 years.
  • Classroom field experiences begin your sophomore year and culminate in a semester-long student teaching experience your senior year, providing valuable real-world experience and networking opportunities.

Faith Integration

Christian faith is intentionally integrated in both the computer science and education curriculum, distinguishing SBU's program from that of other institutions. Christian principles are discussed in the classroom and applied to educational strategies, philosophies, and best practices. At SBU, we approach education and teaching from the basis of a Christian worldview.

You will be challenged to consider your job to be more than just teacher but also role model and servant leader. You will learn to view the classroom as a mission field in which well-trained Christian teachers are desperately needed.

Taylor Center

The Robert W. Plaster College of Business and Computer Science (COBACS) is housed in the Gene Taylor National Free Enterprise Center. The Taylor Center was expanded and renovated to provide the following benefits for our students:

  • Increased number of dedicated study areas and presentation rooms that can be reserved in advance
  • Keycard access for COBACS majors increases building security while allowing you to access space and equipment after hours to effectively study and work on group projects
  • Unique marker board walls in the presentation rooms, study rooms, open computer lab, and student lounge create in an engaging opportunity to write, draw, or design on the walls as you study and learn

Computer Science Education Degree Requirements

Required CIS Core Courses

  • CIS 1001 Seminar in Computer & Information Sciences
  • CIS 1144 Computer Science I
  • CIS 1154 Computer Science II
  • CIS 2003 Web Design
  • CIS 2213 Systems Analysis and Design
  • CIS 2233 Machine Organization
  • CIS 3323 Networks
  • CIS 3333 Algorithms and Data Structures

Required Support Courses

  • MAT 1173 Discrete Mathematics
  • Free elective
  • SOC/PSY 3243 Elementary Statistics

Required EDU Support Courses

  • EDU 2113 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 2141 Field Experience Level 1
  • EDU 2313 Foundations of Education
  • EDU 2823 Technology for Educators
  • EDU 3013 Analyzing and Amending Reading Problems
  • EDU 3043 Learner Development and the Classroom
  • EDU 3333 Principles and Methods of Secondary Instruction
  • EDU 3341 Field Experience Level 2
  • EDU 3613 Content Area Literacy
  • EDU 3833 Behavior and Classroom Management
  • EDU 4xx3 Methods of Teaching Computer Science
  • EDU 4691 Student Teaching Seminar
  • EDU 4832 Assessment and Evaluation of Learners
  • EDU 4842 Teaching Diverse Learners
  • EDU 4949 Student Teaching - Secondary